What To Do Immediately After a Rest Week

It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve just come off a solid recovery week, with lots of easy riding, rest, and a few hard efforts or performance tests. You’re feeling fresh and ready to get back to work. However, because of all the rest during the week, you may not be at your best on longer, aerobically-intensive efforts. So, what do you do?

After A Rest Week, Go On A Group Ride

While you’ll hear us discuss the pro’s and con’s of group rides, after a solid rest week, this is the time to jump into one. Those town line sprints and surges up the short climbs are exactly what will kick start your cycling engine again. You’re not going to be crushing long aerobic efforts, like Intensive Aerobic or Extensive Aerobic, so focus on the shorter stuff: Max Aerobic and anything anaerobic. If you aren’t sure what these mean, message us today and we will explain that to you.

The mental side of cycling is very important, so don’t set yourself up for a let-down by trying to go solo or shred an all day break. You’re likely to perform at your best on the anaerobic efforts, and have really great watts, although your legs will burn like hell because you are so fresh. Compete for all of the town line sprints and take hard pulls reeling the break back, but avoid the breakaway. If you’re riding alone, hit some sprints, a couple 1-2 minute efforts, and solid endurance riding (75% FTP) for the remainder. Then, get ready to crush those longer intervals on Tuesday night!

I Feel Like Crap After A Rest Week

Don’t be discouraged if you’re not at your best at the end of a rest week. Stay focused on the overall game plan, and your legs will be back in a couple of days. Many people avoid rest weeks in cycling because they fear that their fitness goes down a ton, and this lethargic feeling in their legs. Sadly, we need to rest. This lethargic feeling will pass and your legs will come back, stronger than before. Don’t forget that you need to rest in order to become stronger. The rides put stress on your body, and the rest is what makes you come back stronger than before.