Recovery Week Revamp

It’s Saturday morning. You’ve just come off a solid recovery week, with lots of easy riding, rest, and a few hard efforts or performance tests. You’re feeling fresh and ready to get back to work. However, because of all the rest during the week, you may not be at your best on longer, aerobically-intensive efforts. So don’t set yourself up for a mental let-down by trying to go solo or shred an all day break. Instead, focus on the anaerobic efforts where you’re likely to perform at your best. Compete for all of the town line sprints and take hard pulls reeling the break back, but avoid the breakaway. If you’re riding alone, hit some sprints, a couple 1-2 minute efforts, and solid endurance riding for the remainder. Then, crush those intervals on Tuesday night!

Remember: don’t be discouraged if you’re not at your best at the end of a rest week. Stay focused on the overall gameplan, and your legs will be back in a couple of days.