Muscle Tension Intervals

I hit up my third session of muscle tension intervals, or MTI’s, today.

The three sections where my power picks up into zone 3-4, that’s the interval, and my cadence drops to about 60-65rpm ideally. This was a 3 x 15 minute, and I worked up to this by doing 6 and 10 minute reps previously. This is a great on the bike workout when you’re going through an Adaptation phase for lifting.

You can also see that my Level 1 time is almost at 10%, which is what I shoot for on any ride. Keep those legs moving! Or you may as well be on the couch. Not really, but I rather be putting out watts and getting quality in as opposed to coasting. It’s the nonstop aspect of a training ride that MASSIVELY BUILDS ENDURANCE for road racing. If you don’t believe that, you may not believe in the value of the long ride; but I do. I also enjoy eating more, and more pedaling equals more caloric burn, which equals more pizza. Proof isĀ on the IG.

So basically throw your bike into a gear that is slightly too hard versus your normal pedaling style….so 60-65rpm, and do 3 x 6m, then 3 x 10, then 3 x 12m, then 2 x 15m, then 3 x 15m.

Lifts: squats, lunges, deadlifts, lots of other total body shredders. Getting ripped is so fun.

Don’t forget the core.